How Insemito can help eliminate unplanned downtime

Managing your inventory, tools, and spare parts in a precise, simple and effective way can help you reduce downtime, increase planning eficiency, and ensure that you always have the right parts and documentation at hand.

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Why Insemito?

Years of experience with inventory management and technical parts purchase in e.g., the energy sector, emphasized the lack of a sufficient system for digital control and management of technical components.

Many ERP systems offer many management features on a business level, including finance, commerce, HR, etc. But in terms of managing parts and assets in the warehouse, many companies make use of shared excel spreadsheets, since the all-around business systems were limited in this area. This combination of severa methods increases the risk of inventory inaccuracy. 

Using our knowledge of the industry and our experience in the field, we therefore, decided to build a SaaS solution to manage all parts, special tools, and components. Knowing the benefits ERP systems could offer in other areas, we made it possible to use these systems together, to enhance our customers’ competitiveness.

And that’s how Insemito started… We named the software Insemito because it translates from Latin to “on track”.

Benefits from Insemito?

Insemito makes it possible to reduce unplanned downtime and streamline the planning of projects. When a job needs to be done, the platform ensures that nothing is missed and everything is in control. The software offers a simple and clever way to have total control and overview of tools and spares regardless of your location or device. As a result, you can monitor the status from purchase until use, sale, or scrap – from cradle to grave. To eliminate documentation systems or paperwork, all relevant information, certification, or documentation; can be uploaded. 

The SaaS solution enables complete control over tools and parts, monitoring expiration dates, providing warnings, enabling quality control demands, quarantine control, customs, and service reports, among many other features. By using Insemito, technicians are less likely to arrive on site with outdated, missing, or incorrect equipment, reducing both their time and cost.

Our focus on constant improvement ensures that the Insemito software is continuously optimized to meet the requirements of the business, industry, and our customers. Our ability to customize through add-ons ensures that the system matches your needs and demands,and that you only pay for the features you will benefit from.

INSEMITO is one of the few systems on the market to be certified by Bureau Veritas for ISO9001:2015 and TS29001.2020.

The Insemito solution will act as the link supporting information flow between operations, QC, economy, and on-site technicians, etc. Serving as a strong supplement for existing ERP systems and is today used in different combinations by lead actors within the energy, wind, and offshore industry.