Cleanup of project materials for later registration in SAP 

Client: Energinet
Project start: 2017 – Present

Challenge & solution
The client was looking to create an overview of purchased project materials at +20 project sites for electrical power equipment. The goal was to find a system for use alongside SAP to recapture master data and create a total recount of materials present at several project places in Denmark.

Together with the client, we tailored Insemito as a standalone warehouse management system with material master tags linked to SAP.

In the early stages of this project, Insemito supplied both web application as well as staff to count and register, photograph and locate all materials.

Due to the more simple and user friendly nature of Insemito, the web application was chosen for this project.

What Insemito keeps track of in this project
Warehouse location, bin numbers, pictures, quantities, file uploads, special tools, condition, material numbers for later registration in SAP, QR code generation, etc.

Today Insemito is still used in this project as an extension tool for SAP to store information about the project equipment. In 2022 we have entered into a new (2 + 2) year agreement with Energinet to supply the Insemito web application for monitoring project equipment.