Efficient and reliable kit management

In the energy sector, it is essential to ensure, that you have the right spare parts at the right time. Especially when the needed tools and spare parts for maintenance are sent from shore to sea.

Client: DONG Energy – INEOS
Project start: 2015 – Present

Challenge & solution
A crucial part of the efficiency of activities at offshore platforms is clear communication from onshore to offshore vice versa. This can help ensure, that technicians have what they need, when they need it, e.g., at maintenance and repair operations.

Before implementing Insemito, a client had already worked with kits containing all tools and spare parts for specific maintenance operations (both scheduled and corrective). These kits were stored in warehouses and needed to be ready for the supply boat to deliver them at the platforms when they were requested for the clients’ offshore activities.

The client was already the SAP ERP system for most business-related activities and had each of their kits registered here. By implementing Insemito for parts management in combination with the SAP ERP system for financials, they achieved an even stronger kit management.

So why is that?
Despite already registering and managing the kits, the client met challenges due to a lack of overview of the kits. The transparency was limited to information regarding stock status of kits, so they could not see the status of each item or serial number inside the kit, and which items a kit contained. The need for specified kit management was the foundation for the development of the Insemito tool management module, that can help manage kits or kits-in-kits in a simple and effective manner.

Implementing and getting started with Insemito is a fast and easy process. After an excel import of all materials, the system was up and running at the client. Since Insemito can be used in combination with existing ERP systems, clients can run their operations and kits through Insemito, while keeping their economic structures in the business through their ERP system.

Using Insemito, the client gained:

  • Full overview of all parts and tools in a kit, including serialized equipment
  • Stronger transparency and search possibilities
  • Pictures of all tools and parts
  • All related documents gathered under each item or kit registration (Manuals, certificates, drawings, MSDS, datasheets)
  • History logging on all kits as to when, where and how many times it has been sent out
  • Possibility to build preferable and easy structures by assigning kits to a certain machine (Main component module)
  • Status of content in kits and whether a kit has been counted. This way they immediately know which tools and parts are still present in the kit if a breakdown occurs.

Insemito provides overview and transparency of every part, tool, and kit and can be accessed from all devices. This way, kits can be controlled from anywhere on the go – and actions can be taken immediately, when needed.