Insemito is a powerful spare parts management
system. Manage everything from any device.

Manage everything from anywhere

Do you want to avoid unplanned downtime, make planning easier, and always have the right parts at hand?

Gain full control of your inventory, tools, spares, etc. from any location, and avoid downtime with the customizable, cloud-based spare parts management system from Insemito.

Manage all your equipment correctly, and always have your updated certificates, instruction manuals, MSDS, etc. available. All data is stored in one system and can be viewed easily.

  • Insemito will constantly keep you and your team informed about all tasks, expiries, inspections, etc. making sure that no inspection or equipment expiry date is missed.
Insemito software devices
Insemito modules

Some of Insemito's top benefits

Planning made easy

A lot of equipment like special tools, safety equipment, lifting equipment, PPE, etc., can expire and need regular checking, inspection, or maintenance.

The Insemito spare parts management system will monitor expiry dates, lifetime on components, and give you warnings before equipment runs out of date.
Upload certificates, documentation, instruction manuals, etc. in a simple and effective manner to ensure, that both technical and office personnel can easily access relevant information.

Insemito certificates

Fully certified

• ISO 9001:2015
• ISO 29001:2020

“Complete spare part systems and solutions to manage all ranges of equipment and spare parts for the on- & offshore industry.”

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