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Which industries can profit by using INSEMITO?

INSEMITO is designed for use in any industry both on- and offshore and with Insemito you can keep up to date with your essential equipment. Insemito will keep track of all equipment used in and around your production or service.

INSEMITO makes it easy for all employees to find all relevant data in one place”

A lot of equipment like special tools, safety equipment, lifting Equipment, rotating equipment, first aid equipment, ladders, PPE, machine maintenance etc., needs a regular check, inspection, maintenance or can expire.
Manage all your equipment the right way and make sure to always have your updated certificates, instruction manuals, MSDS etc. available. All data is stored in one system and can be viewed easily.
INSEMITO will keep track of annual safety checks on each type of equipment and any type of inspection record used in the web application.
INSEMITO will constantly keep you and your team informed about all tasks and expiries, making sure that no inspection or equipment expiry date is missed.
INSEMITO is a field proven warehouse management system (WMS)
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