Where to use a warehouse management system

Where can WMS be used?

For kit service management

Design a kit, with all critical spare parts. For example, a service kit to repair turbine engine. Every item can have a unique features, like: expiry dates, diverse documentation, work instruction, inspection and uploaded documents: certificates, photos, datasheets,...
Insemito kits model
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For a service company to make a service car a "kit"

Add items to the service car, so you know instantly if it is fully equipped, if all items are up to date and nothing is missing. You can always check the car before letting it go to the customer.
Service car to a kit

For a small company to control the stock

Even small companies need an order in the stock items. INSEMITO allows for controlling the warehouse, create shipments and purchase lists.
Warehouse shelf - insemito - control your warehouse - bin locations
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