INSEMITO Add-On Modules

Insemito offers Add-on modules, that can be selected seperately, to ensure, that the final solution is customized to the specific needs and demands of your business.

Planning reservations offshore

Planning/Reservations Module

Manage booking and planning of equipment for future projects and tasks. Know where and when equipment is being used, and avoid expired or unavailable items.

quality control parts

Quality Control Module

Setup quality requirements to ensure safety and quality, and allow chosen users to decline or approve items based on certificates and requirements.

project management

Job Package Module

Manage larger projects, and monitor huge amounts of project materials all over the world. Minimize the workload by mass editing labels, locations etc.

tool kit management

Tool Management Module

Create and manage kits of tools and spares linked to a certain task. Tool management is widely used in the energy sector for both service containers and tool kits, to keep track of expiry dates, manuals etc.

hotline warehouse management

Hotline Module

Receive support from the Insemito team during business hours through our hotline. With the hotline module your support fee is included in your fixed price.

main components

Main Component Overview Module

Monitor vital assets or machines and assign kits, spares and locations to a specific main component, to monitor the available parts linked to this component.

Coming soon...

purchase order management

Purchase Order Module

Send purchase orders to external suppliers, and keep track of purchase history and purchase statistic.

customs management

Customs Module

Generate custom delivery forms together with shipment documents.

certificate management

Certificate Management Module

Keep track of all the company certificates and expiries, and create warnings if a certificate has to be renewed.

3d printing

3D printing module

When linked up to a 3D printer, the system will allow printfiles to be uploaded for direct access to 3D print of a product.

gps management

GPS management module

Link your existing products up to GPS tracking to give a fast overview of where in the world the equipment is situated.

contract management

Contract Management Module

Maintain an overview of all excisting contracts, and give a warning if a contract has to be renewed. Upload copies of your contracts in one place for easy access.

dangerous goods

Dangerous Goods Module

The system will be linked to one of the worlds most recognized dangerous goods databases in order to always have updated material safety data sheets (MSDS) and safety instructions available.

dedicated server

Dedicated Server Module

Will give companies the opportunity to have their own physical hardware. With the dedicated server, the company will achieve faster site speed.