About Insemito?

Insemito has been developed since 2010, and is a field proven, unique spare part management system within maintenance, statutory inspections and inventory management. The Insemito web platform is owned and operated by CSK Group with roots in the offshore industry, where spare part management is of outmost importance. CSK has a track record for monitoring vital equipment, and our goal has always been to minimize downtime. In the past years, all of this knowledge has been gathered and put into the Insemito Saas platform.

Why we do, what we do?

The idea behind Insemito has been to develop an easy to use and effective tool, for keeping track of equipment as well as gaining full traceability down to the smallest component. We know, that the needs and logistic structures varies both from industry to industry, but also company to company. Therefore we believe, that our add-on module structure makes it possible to provide a customized solution to fit the specific needs of each customer.

Many companies have special needs, and often employees use Excel as an alternative tool. Inventory or planning in shared Excel sheets introduces great risk of failure. One small mistake in an excel sheet, can be hard to locate. This can result in missing an inspection or a critical spare part, potentially leading to downtime or production loss.

Contact our Insemito team to know more about how you can benefit from the software system.

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