Spare part management for wind farms

Client: Ørsted
Project start: 2019 – Present

Challenge & solution
The client was looking for an online system that could monitor service containers with hundreds of parts for a service setup in Europe. Together with the client, we tailored Insemito to monitor all equipment and made it possible for both onshore staff and offshore service technicians to be able to track and locate items destined for service and breakdown of WTG.

The client was looking for a relatively simple system as an extended warehouse management system to their existing ERP system without compromising integrity of either system. In this case, the challenge was that the existing ERP system was not fit for use for this specific project.

Our client already had an existing system for managing tools or spares, but as the need for specialization in the organization grew, so did the insufficiency of their previous solution. Due to Insemito working on Material Master Data and item setup level, the company could minimize the time spent on creating new components and updating data in the system. Furthermore, all certificates and documentation could be uploaded on item level. Here, the client and service personnel/service technicians have online access to Insemito for visual and online identification of equipment including certificates and manuals.

Today, the Insemito web application is used for regular service and equipment for unforeseen breakdowns. The Insemito system and the provided add-ons made it possible to manage a bigger part of their operations through one platform in an efficient manner. This customizability was crucial for our client, in terms of supporting the exact needs of their business and operations.     

Insemito keeps track of
Location, certificates, expiry, manuals, reservation, GPS tracking, customs papers, file upload, special tools, MSDS, dangerous goods, service history, QR code generation, etc.