Project management of hook up, commissioning and capital spares for the Hejre field

Client: DONG Energy
Project period: 2013 – 2016

Challenge & solution
The client was looking for a system that could monitor thousands of parts for the construction phase of the Hejre field in Denmark, all hook up, commissioning and capital spares.

All parts where in a project state, meaning the parts were not created in SAP. With Insemito, the client and their partners had a tool where they could gather all data, pictures, preservation reports, running preservation, service of rotating equipment and tag numbers. Furthermore, we monitored equipment on bonded stock etc.

All equipment was marked with QR labels and tag numbers at various locations in Denmark and were made ready to be installed offshore. Together with the client, we tailored Insemito system to monitor all equipment and made it possible for all involved parties, to mark all items destined for the Tyra project with QR codes before shipping to project sites in Denmark.

The client was looking for a relatively simple system as an extended warehouse management system, to their existing ERP system without compromising integrity of either system. In this case, the challenge was that the existing ERP system was not fit for use for this specific project.

Unfortunately, the Hejre field project closed down due to other parameters, but with this project, we proved that Insemito was fit for use as a unique project tool during construction phases.

Several companies like Technip France had access at different user levels during this project.