Tyra redevelopment project

Marking and monitoring extensive amounts of project equipment for the Tyra Redevelopment Project.

Client: Total Energies
Project start: 2020, with expected completion in 2024

Challenge & solution
The client was looking for a system that could monitor thousands of parts for the construction phase of the Tyra II field in Denmark. Together with the client, we tailored the standard Insemito system to monitor all equipment and made it possible for onsite staff to mark all items destined for the Tyra project with QR codes before shipping to project sites in Denmark. This included all hook up parts and spools at 3 different yards.

The client was looking for a relative simple system as an extended warehouse management solution to their existing ERP system, without compromising the integrity of either system. In this case, the challenge was that the existing ERP system was not fit for use for this specific project.

Most systems that control operations, e.g., ERP systems, can be very complex to use, lengthening simple processes and stopping progress. With Insemito we offer a near effortless implementation with the end user in mind, creating a better user experience by shortening the distance from A to B. Within a very short time, Total was operational with a standalone job package system.

Example of equipment marking on site can be seen below:

Several companies such as Semco Maritime and Actemium were also allowed access at different user levels during this project.